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Three Phase Motors

Kirloskar INDUS3 series AC three phase motors are designed with heavy duty parameters to meet the diverse needs of future industry. The motors are manufactured using the latest technology ensuring high efficiency, reliability in operation and service over a long period requiring minimum attention.

Air Cooled
Efficiency conforms to IE1 or IE2 levels as per IS 12615.
Large top terminal box for easy cable entry: its direction can be rotated in steps of 90°.
4Vacuum impregnated windings for reliable insulation.
Motors upto 225 frames are provided with shielded ball bearing with external greasing arrangement from frame 160 & above making it convenient in case bearings are replaced by non shielded bearings.
Compact design & good aesthetics.
Rugged CI construction.
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  • Three Phase Motor
  • Applications
    The Indus3 series induction motors are suitable for varied applications in industries such as Textile, paper, rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, power, cement, steel, petroleum, sugar, irrigation, water supply, agricultural equipments.
    Frame : 71 – 355 dimensions as per IS 1231
    Mountings : Foot, flange and foot-cum-flange
    Output : 0.37kW to 315 kW
    Voltage : 415 ± 10% V
    Frequency : 50 Hz ± 5%
    Insulation : Class 'F'
    Rating/Duty : Continuous/S1
    Ambient/Temperature rise : 50°C/70°C (Limited to class 'B' temperature rise)
    Enclosure : TEFC
    Degree of protection : IP55 as per IS : 4691

    Chotta Chilli

    We manufacture and market both air - cooled and liquid cooled gensets with outputs from 5kVA to 5200kVA and we are an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of diesel engines, agricultural pump sets and generating sets. We serve segments that includes Service industries such as telecom, IT/ITES, BPO, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, banks, educational and financial institutions; Infrastructure project such as airport, roads, bridges, residential and commercial complexes, townships, high-rise building, and many more. Other significant industries include engineering, manufacturing, FMCG, automobile and also ancillaries, textile, pharmaceuticals, dairy and food processing and Defense agencies (air force, army, navy and coast guard) It is no wonder that we today has the power to 'Enrich Lives' across the world!.

    Easily portability
    Compact design
    Diesel power
    Low emission, vibration and noise
    Fully covered body
    Excellent after sales
    Competitive price

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